Thursday, August 03, 2006

Industry Top Facts: Peter Molyneux

Welcome to our regular feature where we dispense some interesting and completely true facts about leading people in the game industry!

The subject of this week's Industry Top Facts is the great Peter Molyneux! Let the factage commence!:

. Peter Molyneux was invented by Sir Alexander Fleming in 1928.

2. For fun, Peter likes nothing more than shaving his collection of Arabian Baboons.

. Peter was once arrested for spilling a cup of tea on Donald Rumsfeld's head during a volleyball tournament in Santa Monica.

4. Peter's all time
favourite game is Gibbage, and he categorically denies that Dan Marshall has ever made a threatening phone call to him at 2am.

5. Peter once got up to go to the toilet 12 times in one night.

6. Peter Molyneux spelt backwards spells the words "Buy Fable, It's Fab".

7. Peter's company, Lionhead, was named after a mountain lion skull Peter uses to scare away Trick or Treaters.

You learn something new every day, don't you?


dan marshall said...

Are those true?

Sir Peter M said...

Absolutely 100% buy Fable 2 genuine. I don't normally bother with interviews with buy Fable 2 lesser souls, but Lemmy&Binky are buy Fable 2 personal heroes of mine.

Sir Peter M said...

Did I mention that Fable 2 will have a quantum particle simulation engine? It will be possible to zoom so far into the player character's head, you will enter the multiverse and be able to see his thoughts! Then, and here's the really cool bit, you will be able to zoom into those thoughts and go inside their head!

It really really is going to be the MOST AMAZING THING YOU'VE EVER WITNESSED!!!

sir peter m said...

(buy fable 2)

Anonymous said...


Of course they are. Didn't you know all that?

Lemmy and Binky are good at finding truth alreadyu revealed.