Monday, March 19, 2007

Celebrity Indie Game Review: Cute Cats

As regular readers of our blog will be fully aware, Lemmy&Binky are committed to bringing you only the finest in high quality Indie Games reviews from all of our high-profile celebrity contacts.

Today’s review will be no different. We spoke to five top-notch celebrity cute cats and asked them to review their very favourite Indie Games…

Cute Cat #1 – Mr Miggles reviews Shlongg!

Mr Miggles - likes pink things.

After tucking into a lovely bowl of Sheba, Mr Miggles likes nothing more than playing with a ball of twine, and therefore also awesmoe “ball of twine” simulator, Shlongg!

Impressively, during the review, Mr Miggles only wee’d on the keyboard twice – clearly a mark of respect to the “whizzy twirly stuff” which have made this game “whizzy and twirly”.

Mr Miggles rates Shlongg 1 bird’s head, and an unidentifiable mound of goo.

Cute Cat #2 – Buffles & Brother Percy review Gibbage

Buffles & Brother Percy. They’re friends, see?

Buffles and Brother Percy are social gamers, so their game of choice would naturally be Don Marshmallow’s Gibbage. Attracted by the special “things”, “stuff”, and “that” features which have made this game a hit with kittens all over somewhere or other, Buffles and Percy sat enthralled for literally minutes before they started excitedly licking each other in places we’d rather not talk about.

Buffles & Brother Percy rate Gibbage 5 stars out of 3 apples.

Cute Cat #3 – Fogsworth reviews Democracy

Fogsworth shortly after playing Democracy

Shy little Fogworth got a bit scared playing Democracy. In a highly unexpected turn of events, the sheer depth of gameplay in Democracy caused Fogsworth to spontaneously transform into a bunny. And a rather adorable bunny at that. Can there be any higher form of praise? Well yes, obviously, but that’s not the point. The point is this: If Fogsworth can turn into a bunny after just three minutes playing Democracy , imagine the horrific experimentation he’s enduring right now! “Save kittens, buy Democracy!” Fogsworth would be saying if he wasn’t currently pumped full of morphine!

Fogsworth rates Democracy 4 influenza injections and some eye-shadow.

Cute Cat #4 – Germima reviews Click the Spot

Germima – Definitely not bored by Click the Spot

Germima loves Click the Spot so much, that she doesn’t need to actually ever play the game to adore it. But she thinks it’s great, honestly, and this game is definitely not included here because it was written by us. No, it’s a complete coincidence – we would say it surprised us, but frankly given how mind-blowingly brilliant Click the Spot is, its inclusion here in the upper echelons of cutting edge Indie Games was inevitable.

Lemmy&Binky – er, we mean Germima, rates Click the Spot 5,000,000% amazing-ness.

Cute Cat #5 – Piddlefoot reviews Cake Mania

Only the cutest cats love Cake Mania

Piddlefoot loves Cake Mania! Piddlefoot lives and breathes Cake Mania! And like how dogs reflect their owners, so do cats reflect their very favourite Indie Games. So what greater tribute can there be to the deep and absorbing (dare I say it?) King of Indie Games than just quite how delightfully huggable Piddlefoot has become after playing. The picture says it all, we think… awwww, bless!

Piddlefoot rates Cake Mania as brilliant as he is cute. Praise indeed! Well done, Cake Mania!

So there we have it! A complete run down of the finest Indie Games that we could be bothered to find out the names of, in a format to satisfy the tens of people that come to our blog via the search terms “Cute Cat”. Don’t say we never give back to the little people, or if you do say it, say it quietly so nobody can hear.

Lemmy&Binky rate this blog post 1 out of 10, must try harder.

Monday, March 05, 2007

Lemmy&Binky Indieview #1 Prof. Stephen Hawking

Welcome deer readers! (and other assorted mammals that might also happen to be reading). You are lucky enough to join us after an extended hiatus with an exciting new regular feature on the site!

In the Lemmy&Binky Indieviews we will quiz the greatest minds of our generation on their most loved and most hated indie games, how much they like a quick game of Cake Mania before tea, and exactly how many copies of Gibbage they have bought.

Joining us for our first Indieview is renowned physicist Stephen Hawking, who has taken some time out from his busy schedule of talking about black holes and reading Penny Arcade to join us for a chat about the indie gaming scene. What a lovely bloke!

L&B: Thanks for joining us Prof. Hawking! So with all your thinking about science and that, we can imagine you don't get much time for playing indie games?

Stephen Hawking: Hi Lemmy&Binky, thanks for your recent email which you sent to Prof. Stephen Hawking- Stephen would be happy to contribute an interview to your site but unfortunately he is away at a conference at the moment - please feel free to send your questions to me and I will ensure Stephen answers them when he returns. Best regards Cathy

L&B: So what do you think of Gibbage? A great game, isn't it?

Stephen Hawking: Hello Lemmy&Binky, I'm afraid Prof. Hawking will be away from the office until the 26th of March so it would be best if you sent us a complete copy of your questions so he can tackle them all when he returns from his trip. Best regards Cathy.

L&B: Well we haven't had a post on our site for a while now, and we don't really want to wait until the 26th if at all possible. Isn't there any way you could get a copy of the questions over to him?

Stephen Hawking: I'm afraid he is unlikely to have the time to particapate in your interview until he gets back. May I ask what this interview is actually regarding?

L&B: the interview will be mainly about the indie scene, though we will stick in a couple of spacey questions in there to give Prof. Hawking a chance to plug his own stuff, any new books he has out or whatever. Sound good?

Stephen Hawking: I'm not sure I understand what this "indie scene" is that you mention, is this something relating to Stephen's professional work at all?

L&B: Well not really. We tried to get Peter Molyneux but he wouldn't answer our e-mails.

Stephen Hawking: Please refrain from e-mailing us any more regarding this matter. I will send Stephen a copy of this email thread when he returns, and if he wishes to participate in an interview you will hear from him then. Regards Cathy.

So there you have it! When he's not he's not mulling over space-time, Prof. Hawking likes nothing more than going to conferences... of some description. He also has a PA called Cathy, though she may be his publicist. Or wife. Or something. You heard it here first, in the Lemmy&Binky Indieview!