Tuesday, October 31, 2006

America: It's not big, not funny and not clever!

Boo hoo! It's happened again! Those irony-lovin' Americans failed to buy into the Click the Spot mania that's sweeping the globe. WHAT IS WRONG WITH IT? IT'S BRILLIANT, CAN'T YOU SEE THAT?

"Fuck you America!!!"

Click the Spot has been blammed! Within 10 minutes of posting on Newgrounds, it's been sodding blammed! Our masterpiece, our life's work, discarded like some piece of rubbish (or "trash", as THEY would probably call it)

Apparently Click the Spot, and I quote, "sucks!" and "doesn't even deserve the small amount of data it takes up on the entire internet!" - HOW CAN THAT BE TRUE? The game that was voted #37 on the BAFTA nominated BBC series "Top 100 Most Awesmoe Games EVAH!". BAH!

If you are one of the miniscule proportion of the population over the big pond - Read Canadian, South American, or otherwise extremely unfortunate and miserable, that is able to appreciate the concept of irony or satire, then please please get in touch and tell us about your feeling of isolation on that big ol' continent.

Bah! We shoulda just done something about Steve Irwin.

(incidently we think Steve Irwin was great)

We'll give you another chance to play this world changing game, but please go through the following checklist to make sure you do not agree with any of the points before doing so, or you may be sadly disappointed by the shear awesmoeness of Click the Spot.
  • Homer going "Doh!" is pretty much the funniest thing about the Simpsons!
  • Family Guy is funny!
  • How about that American Psycho book huh? What a load of racist, mysoginistic, vile trash!
  • Seinfeld is so much better than Curb Your Enthusiasm!
  • The American version of The Office was a hoot!
  • Taken is much better than The 4400!
  • South Park is just shit potty humour!
  • 24 is NOT propaganda.
  • Iraq has weapons of mass destruction.
  • I have absolutely no idea why everyone hates America.
  • Futurama was rubbish and deserved to be canned.
  • Carnivale was rubbish and deserved to be canned.
  • Boy, those Holodeck episodes are great!
  • Gaius Baltar is a Cylon.
  • Adama is a Cylon
  • George W. Bush is not a Cylon.
  • Arnie and Jessie Ventura governing states bigger than some countries is not completely INSANE.
  • Rob Schnieder should be in more films.
  • 12 Lost series? Bring it on!
  • Third Rock from the Sun - Witty AND intelligent.
  • Alexander the Great was Irish.
  • Free Speech is not a fallacy.
  • Budweiser is the king of beers
  • John Wayne is NOT gay.
Did you agree with any of these statements? Beware! Check your birth certificate. You MAY be American.

If not, then congratulations. You're ready for the AWESOME AUDIO VISUAL FEST that is... Click the Spot!


Andy said...

God BLess America.

Lemmy said...

Update: Bravo Americans on the mid-terms! Out that Cylon!!!! :D

Nickenstien said...

HAHA!!! Rob Schnieder really should be in more films!! perhaps on his own for a while, and then maybe after a few years of gathering the countless awards and accolades (which would surely ensue), Ben Afflck could have a comeback as his lesser-comedy-bitch doing millions of crappy bit-parts which occupy approximatley 25% screen-time as the great man himself, hehe ;)